A day well spent at Grub Fest aka Food walo ka Swarg

The grub(food) fest is one of the coolest fest for the foodies to try out signature dishes by the top restaurants from all around the globe. With live music and dance performances going on while you enjoy the meal. Cuisines like Sushi, Tacos, Desserts, Bun to Kebab. There is something for everyone and for the kids gaming zone too. Some of the food trucks serving lip-smacking Lebanese food too.

What ?? I heard you are thirsty ?? Go grab some drinks from Uncle Sam’s place or from milkshakes which were serving the best shakes I ever had. And if you are more kind of hardcore then go for the alcohols.


Imagine roaming in the busy market with a beer in hand and praising the beauty made by man 😛 and the food served by the best chefs. The best part is the crowd which is young and enthusiastic coming for the event.

This Amazing vegetable Bun from Papa Bun was just amazing. At the time it was crispy as well soft as well to melt in your mouth


Then I saw tacos too and rushed to grab one before it was crowded and as I got mine suddenly a rush wave of came in, to the counter to grab those mouth watering tacos


And finally I was so full but someone ” kitna bhi khalo meethe ki jagah to ban hi jati hai”. Like how much the bus is crowded conductor makes his way

The time for some sweet from @ohsostoned. This one is Scarface Noir fused with Nutella and crunchy biscuits.


There were lot many items to try on but I was so full that even can’t have appetite for water and called my day off. Looking again for this amazing fest in future.

Was thinking to start my blog but was not able to decide what to post first and then I came to know about the grub fest and my eyes started shining firstly for the food and 2ndly I got the material to start my blog.

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  1. jyo says:



  2. Cynthia Daniel says:

    Love the way you shared your experience along with the way you reviewed the delicacies.
    Keep up the good work always.

    Love & Hugs

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    1. Alwaysbhukaa says:

      Thanks Cynthia 🙂


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