The ultimate “Farzi” experience!!! – Farzi Cafe

Be ready to get astounded totally!!! In case you are wandering for some fusion food, your search should come to an end in this better than best diner situated in the heart of Delhi. The name is so casual yet it rings bells as to why it would be named like this at all! Farzi is a Hindi word that means to “not genuine” or “not original”!!! And the restaurant is based on the same idea as well. Each Indian dish has been twisted either by its taste or the way it is cooked & presented or both! You certainly need some decent help from the waiter to understand the Food menu & all the servers are pretty proficient in the same. Or you end up ordering some unusual dish! It’s one of best Menus that I have come across with so many incredible blends which I bet you can’t really think of it all!!!


A surprising “Amuse Bouche” is served to everyone which acts as a perfect palate cleanser!!!

While waiting for the appetizers we tasted the Kala Khaata & Chuski Martini that spelt like normal Indian drinks with house-bar twists! While the Kala Khaata was full of Indian spices & zesty, the martini, on the other hand, was totally zingy!


We started with Dal Chawal Arancini as suggested by our server since it is the most selling item on the menu! The dish consisted of deep fried balls filled with Khichdi of Dal Chawal. And with the first bite, the flavours started dancing in my mouth. Well balanced, medium spiced with the crispy outer coating, is perfect to start your Meal!


Dual stuffed Mushroom followed next which looked quite beautiful in its presentation stuffed with Palak in it. I am not a big fan of spinach still it was not bad. A guy like me who doesn’t enjoy Palak really ate two in a go! This was a spicy dish, the mushroom was well prepared and the entire dish was too delectable.


The Veg Kofte was the only main dish that I tasted which was remarkable! It was served alongside a Banarasi Curry that was made with cashew nuts. The kofta was deep fried & comprised of summer special veggies. Unlike other places, the kofta wasn’t dipped in gravy since they would become some what soggy. Combined with a spicy Naan, this farzi dish made my day. It tasted unusual yet tantalized my taste buds in every suitable way!


What followed next mesmerized my friend & me to the level of infinity!!! The desserts in this place are such that you simply cannot give them amiss!!! Parle G Cheesecake might sound simple but it was a sheer treat… It was served with a Kesar milk as found commonly with Ras Malai! Philadelphia cheese had been used for stuffing between the 2 pieces of the highest selling biscuits in the country. There were three portions and I hurriedly ate them all while my friend was left in awe of this stupendous dessert! Gobbling the Bailey’s Lollypop was another ultimate experience indeed. The chocolate lollipop was dipped in Bailey’s flavoured liquid & it’s surely taste-worthy too!!!

Will be visiting soon to try new dishes. Loved all the thing starting from service to dessert. One of the best places in CP to have good fusion food.



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