Gul Panag indulges in a guilt-free Asian meal at Wok To walk

Who doesn’t want to eat well? Actually, this is what we always seek for but are we doing anything for it?? THINK AGAIN! A report shows that 47% of Indians prefer food which is healthy and you know what? This number is actually increasing tremendously. This shows that Indian population is not just limited to spicy and ghee led food but it craves for delicious and nutritious food as well.

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Recently, I got the chance to meet Bollywood actor, health enthusiast and adventurer Gul Panag, at a session hosted by Wok the Walk where she shared some secrets to be fit and importance of food we eat. She shared her love for Asian food and said: “Now when Wok to Walk has finally landed up in the heart of Delhi, I know where to head while craving for healthy Asian cuisine.”

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After having a full-fledged discussion with Gul Panag, we moved for lunch with Gautam Kamra, Head of operations where he showed his gesture on having such a big health enthusiast with us.

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The outlet is known for serving healthy & fresh wok, and that too in less than 5 minutes where they served us their newly launched combos. Their new combo specializes in Custom-made, fresh, Nutritious and quick stir-fried Asian Cuisine. This is the third outlet in Delhi and soon would be expanding to all major cities in India.

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If you are a Bollywood fan, you must be knowing that Gul Panag is shooting for her next venture i.e. SOTY2. You tell me how much are you excited for that movie?

Being a celebrity, she captured so many pictures and selfies with us. And we clicked a selfie in which she looks like Beauty with the beast and that beast is me, lol. She totally changed my mind from having Chole Bhature in the evening to something healthy.

By the way, having Chole Bhature in the evening is a different story but whatever I plan for the day, it always turns up to something new as my life is like a “roller coaster” because my life has got no chill. So with that note, you take a chill and keep your healthy eating on!


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