Nukkadwala – A place serving deliciuos street food

Are you the one who is hygiene conscious and avoids eating roadside food? Here is the perfect solution for you – “Nukkadwala”. They offer authentic flavours of hand-picked regionally popular Indian street food served in a clean environment. They have worked hard to get you the right taste and best quality ingredients while preparing the street food-inspired dishes. The food has been paired well with the drinks menu. They have Lassi from Punjab to Rasaam from South India. It takes the tastes of the street to a level you won’t find anywhere else served in a lively atmosphere, the interiors are informal, stylish and with a casual vibe.


The Mango Fest is going on so we started with Summer Special Mango Shake and Aam Panna. Mango shake was just amazing. With the first sip of it, my mind started dancing with delightfulness. The consistency of the shake was up to the mark and the thing which I loved the most was the usage of small pieces of Mango in the Shake.


Aam Panna, on the other hand, was very refreshing and balanced in terms of sweet, sour and salty. Loved both the drinks.


Bombay Pav Bhaji – It is a famous street food of Maharashtra. Bhaji is basically a creamy vegetable curry with lots of butter. It was quite good and my friend loved it, so did I. The quality of pav was equally good and felt the richness of butter too while eating it. Recommended.


Aloo Tikki Chaat – This is a dish which you can’t miss. The stuffed Tikki topped with sweet and tangy chutney is perfect to cherish your taste buds.


Dabeli – I was surprised when I saw a Dabeli and was very eager to have it. I should warn you about the size of Dabeli which was about 5 inch and would be enough for 1, filled with special masala, chutney, and crunchy Salli & nuts. Now a famous dish from Gujarat is served in NCR too.


Aloo Chips weren’t just simple chips but very different from the usual ones. The slices of aloo were thick like you have in aloo pakode but without any coating of besan or any other flour. These Aloo Chips which will, without a doubt give your taste buds a chataka twist.


Dessert was Mango Kulfi and In this summer season what can be better than a Mango kulfi, right?

It is the 10th outlet in Delhi/NCR and I am pretty happy that they are in Noida now. Will be coming back for sure specially for the Mango shake and the Aloo Tikki and to try more items.


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