Punjab Grill

A famous Restaurant chain, after making its name in Delhi Gurgaon has now come to Noida to relish your taste buds from its mouthwatering food. There are few parts in Noida which are untouched and sector 104 was one of them. But recently the opening of this restaurant has put the place on the map. We are talking about none other than the famous food restaurant chain Punjab Grill, which is recently opened in Starling mall. They have now the total of 5 outlets in Delhi/NCR.

How one could miss this and so I was here on Thursday evening to try my hands on some Punjabi delicacies. The restaurant is situated on the 4th floor, while the mall is still under construction. I would suggest driving your own vehicle as didn’t find any public transport. Though OLA, UBER were available.



Let’s move to drinks – we started with shakes which were very innovative in name and in taste too. Beered Popcorn shake – A thick shake topped with popcorn which was different from the regular one – lightly sweet, salted and a touch of cheese too. Did I mention it was giving me the taste of Beer. Ghewar cheesecake shake – This shake was giving the taste of ghewar and can eat while drinking it, yes you read it right you can actually eat the ghewar too while drinking the ghewar (sounds amazing right). The most surprising was the Papdi Chaat shake. Though the name sounds so tempting and make you try it by its unique name, but turns out to be ordinary. I was pretty much excited for this and ordered one to see what is the hype all about – The drink consisted of khatta meetha pani ( more relatable to jaljeera with some spices) topped with Papadi in it with the flavour of Dahi. It was not sweet just for the note. All the three drinks were innovative and different in taste. If you want to try something different then these are the things which you would like to try.



Moving forward for the Starters – First thing that was served was a Chaat Sampler – Palak Patta Chaat, Quinoa and two small Tikki made up of quinoa. I am not a great fan of Quinoa (healthy things are not good for my health), but the chatpata quinoa was nice and flavoursome. Palak Patta was crispy with chutney over it. Didn’t like the Tikki much as was not able to figure out any taste from it.


Dahi Ke Kebab – Smooth hung curd topped with Almond (Badam). Dahi Ke Kebab was so soft that it melted in the mouth, exploding the flavours. Would say a must try dish.


Quinoa Methi Tikki – Soft kebab shaped Tikki made up of Quinoa mixture and fenugreek ( methi) leaves with mild spices and topped with more Methi leaves. So the addition of Quinoa was making it healthier and added flavours were going well, tempting me to eat more. Now I can proudly say to my gym trainer that I had quinoa for the dinner (LOL). Clearly, the chef has put effort to make something good which is rich in protein.


Quinoa Salad – Another dish made of Quinoa and it was feeling like eating bhelpuri but instead of different items it had only Quinoa. The things were mildly tossed in olive oil with spices and poured over Quiona. The flavours or the masala was like eating Bhelpuri.


Main course – Dal Makhani, Paneer Lababdar, Gobhi Hing, Veg Biryani and Breads. The Dal Makhani and Paneer Lababdar were good in taste and presence of cream in it making it heavy. Both the gravy dishes had the touch of garlic. Veg Biryani was decent though I didn’t find it much tempting. Breads were well baked.


In dessert – Kheer and Gulab Jamun – Gulab Jamun was delicious with a hint of Nutella and finely chopped pistachios and almonds. Whereas Kheer was made up of rice, milk and khoya.



Overall the place is nice, no nearby restaurant is the plus point. Covered with so many societies all around. The surrounding needs to be developed a lot. Food was decent, a perfect place to enjoy Punjabi food with your family.

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