Weekend getaway – Rishikesh

While going to Rishikesh the first question that crosses my mind is where to stay? It was one night trip and was really confused whether should go for the camps or the hotels near Ram Jhula. If you are looking for peace then would suggest to go for the camps or away from the city. As the city is very hubbub and parking is a problem too. If you want to roam in the city and enjoy Aarti, food and market area in the evening then better to stay near Ram Jhula.



In camping, they have 2 option either to live in the tent or in the rooms. I preferred room this time. The camp package generally includes – meal and it is better because it is difficult to go to the city to have your meal with your own vehicle. At night it is not safe to drive in the mountain areas as it too dark and deserted plus the local drivers drive really rash and don’t honk at the curves during the daylight.



We were at Shatrughan Ghat near Ram Jhula and attended the Ganga Aarti at 6:45 pm. Then had our dinner around 7:30 and started moving back to our camp at 8:15 (own car), the roads were not proper due to formation of potholes as the after effect of rain. So it became a task for us to drive on the hilly areas. Will advise not to drive at night.              So it is pretty clear now where you would like to stay right?


The trip to Neelkanth:

We were so confused by listening to others and reading articles online and unable to decide whether to take our vehicle or not. “Par 2 deewane kisi ka na mane uthayi car aur nikal pade safar pai”. Jokes apart the road is pretty good and wide (watch the video), but it is always good to be careful on turns, though almost the whole stretch has good roads, just a few patches and that too won’t be a problem To put it plainly,, if you have your vehicle and have some experience of driving on hills then it is easy peasy and if not it is not a problem either. The roads are good and safe to drive.



Selecting the Hotel:

So while selecting the hotel we referred to many sites and finally on Oyo Rooms, we got the deal or rather I say steal deal. The location of the resort was near the river and the hotel was clean and well maintained. The food was good too and so were the prices. About the parking – there is nothing like an organized parking. The camps are down the road and you need to park the vehicle on the road or the paid parking in which they charge around 150rs and you won’t get any receipt for that.

Balcony View



While going from Delhi to Haridwar there is only one toll which charges about 85rs. Then there is a charge of 50rs while entering at Garur Chaity Barrier (the way towards Shivpuri or the camping area). The parking at Ram Jhula is bit expensive – there are 3 parking’s all charge 150rs. Do ask if it is for multiple visits in a day or for 1 time because they won’t inform about this and it is for multiple visits.

Will cover the eatery joints and where you can find hard drinks in Rishikesh in my next article.

Important – There is no CNG pump after Meerut.

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