Benefits of Palm Oil by Malaysian Palm Oil Council

If I ask you what oil you use at home for cooking – then the answers will be Olive oil, Mustard oil, Sunflower oil, sesame oil and many more. As these oils are good and we see lots of ads. If I say PALM oil is also equally good then?

Recently I was at an event organized by “Malaysian Palm Oil Council” at Ardor 2.1 where Dr Bhavna Shah (#MPOC Regional head for India & Sri Lanka) who educated about the characteristics & benefits of Palm Oil. I use to believe that I don’t consume palm oil but it came to me as a shock when I learnt how the food industry is using this oil. Iconic Brands like Nestle, Britannia, McDonald’s, Kellogg’s etc. in foods & L’ Oreal, Reckitt Benckiser, P & G, Colgate Palmolive etc. for cosmetics like soap, shampoos & toothpaste. Moreover, it is quite receptively used by pharmaceutical companies for various medicines.

Dr Bhavna Shah

So it created curiosity in me if the industry is using it then there should be something good about it which we don’t know. Palm oil is recognized as a wholesome and nutritious edible oil suitable for human consumption by CODEX Alimentations. Palm oil has a balanced fatty acid composition, between its saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, and high content of vitamin E.

How Palm Oil benefits the world

  • It is the world’s most efficient oilseed crop – It yields 7 – 10 times more oil per hectare than other oil-bearing crops.
  • Using less land and fewer fertilizers than any other oil crop.
  • Palm oil helps to feed 2 Billion people around the world including many in Africa and Asia.
  • Reducing Poverty, Hunger and creating Jobs.
  • It supports 300,000 small farmers in Malaysia and over 4,000,000 farmers worldwide.

Palm Oil is an important commodity in the global oils and fats market and it is an essential vegetable oil for ensuring global food security. Malaysian palm oil industry’s sustainability policy and certification system ensure the production and the availability of high-quality palm oil in the global market.

After learning all these things it was time to have some fun which began with an intriguing Treasure chase where we needed to interpret the Restaurant names and head to that location. First one was @pandeypaan, here we tasted the paan consisted of nuts which were fried in Palm Oil and aimed to our next location which was @mybarheadquarters, Here we need to make an innovative plate of mixed greens by means of picking 5 ingredients utilizing palm oil as primary with vegetables and Spices.

Next stop was Punjabi by Nature, where we need to solve an aptitude regarding Palm Oil. After this, we headed for the beginning spot i.e. @ardor2.1.  Here we did blindfold food tasting in which one of the main ingredients was Palm Oil

The session was extremely informative & it really cleared out various pre-conceived notions that we have against the usage of Palm Oil #thinkpalmoil.