The Phone which is Not meant for Instagramming.

Planning on buying a new phone? Should be of latest model, classy, upgraded and look sexy in hand? For that, one will check every known site and YouTube for the reviews. Then finally end up buying the one which the friends or peers will suggest. Since word of mouth plays a very important role while buying anything.

So before purchasing anything, make your budget and decide for which brand you are going for. Just don’t blindly follow the rat race which we actually do. Before buying my @oneplus6 I researched all the things and finally bought it. But using for a month I came to know clearly it was not a good choice and I was being fooled by the company.

The updates made it worse. The one thing I learnt why people run for well-established brands – because they are reliable and good customer support. For which this phones clearly lacks it. Faced so many issues and technical glitches but somehow ignored. The last thing someone doesn’t want to happen is the phone reset – in which all your data is lost. I faced the same an unexpected reset of the phone for which I complained to the service centre and the customer care, dropped emails but all were just giving the same reply, that we can’t help it.  They failed to understand the basic question “How the phone was reset automatically without any human intervention”.

It’s been a month and I am struggling with these people who are not responding now. If you are an Instagrammer, then clearly this phone is not for you.

For the Instagrammers, this phone is a big no.

1. First of all the basic thing – camera, it makes the image more yellowish, and when u post it on Insta it will look plain. The pic you see won’t appear the same on your Insta feed

2. Insta stories – if you like to watch Insta stories then you can’t enjoy that experience as for most of the stories the sides will be cut and u won’t be able to read the sides what’s written.

Pic by @yogi_bhagavati

3. Do this high-end phone hangs?? – Yes, a lot while using the app like – Instagram it hangs. But with the latest updates, it is much better now

4. Accidental reset – without doing anything the phone was reset wiping my all the data. So do back up on local hard disk for the safekeeping. The customer care and company service centre are unable to tell ” How the phone was reset Automatically without any Human Intervention”.

5. Camera issue – the camera hangs very frequently and switching between photo and portrait mood, you need to struggle a little.

6. Posting of Instagram Stories without actually posting them – It happens a lot while creating the post and adding the hashtags to it and bam the stories are posted without hashtags and with hashtags. While I never intended to post them without hashtags.

7. On my way to Kedarnath we took selfies with sign boards and later found that they were all mirror selfies. Sign boards were not readable. There is a setting in phone where you need to turn it off by yourself manually. Because of this my half of the trip was ruined.

That’s my analysis for the phone after using it for like 10months. Always trust the big names with good customer support. Don’t fall for the ads and the hype they create. Everyone in this world just to want to sell things and customer satisfaction is the least considered on the actual ground. This phone is not at all worth of the money they are claiming. The phone has more glitches which will post in the next post.

“Be wise and buy your phone wisely.”