La Piazza – Hyatt Regency

Its May only and the temperature has already crossed 42 degree. Going out in this weather is a hectic task and thanks to Delhi traffic which makes it worse. But works never stops and so do the hunger. Craving to have some good Italian Food was killing me and then a messenger of God arrived in the form of my friend who was in town and staying in Hyatt. So we made a plan to catch up. And then I came across La Piazza. It is hard to find a good Italian Restaurant in Delhi and especially when you are a vegetarian. La Piazza is the one, the finest place to tantalize your taste buds with authentic Italian Cuisine.

The Restaurant is untouched since its inception in 1994. The structure of the place takes you to the streets of Italy with live pizza getting prepared in front of you. This place knows the crux of making a good dish and it starts from the root that is the ingredients. The essence of good food lies in the ingredients used to prepare it. The use of fresh produce is the best way to work up a delectable taste. The restaurant sources farm fresh ingredients from the hotel’s own farm and serves them in all the dishes at La Piazza. This is what it makes it stand apart from all other Italian Restaurants.

Focaccia Bread

Let’s come back to the main thing that is food – We started with Focaccia Bread – A simple bread served with sauce. We didn’t show much interest in it but when the server asked us to try it once we couldn’t resist and took a bite. That first bite changed everything, when I took the bite I was able to feel the crunch and at the same time, it was moist and easily found a way to my tummy. So we had like 4 serving of that bread alone.

Wait, did I tell you about the Anti Pasti?? A whole spread of buffet starters at your disposal. It has some good vegetarian options too – fresh Mozzarella stuffed in tomato, pasta and some healthy stuff too which I ignored completely.

Spaghetti Aglio E Olio

Spaghetti Aglio E Olio – So they looked like our noodles but nooo they are not. Just Kidding – Some of the dishes are not just worth messing and with simple ingredients, it can do wonders. So do this Spaghetti which was so well prepared that it will leave you asking for more. Would say a true soul-satisfying dish.

Risotto, Spaghetti and Pizza

Risotto ai Funghi Porcini – So it sounds like a tongue twister but it is an amazing dish with rice and mushroom in it. See how simple it sounds but tasted so good that I ate more than I supposed to. One bite after the other as if my hands have stopped listening to my brain, and my tongue and stomach have taken control over the body. That’s the power of good ingredients the Parmesan, risotto and the mushrooms. Good quality ingredients when comes into contact with the world-class chef, magic happens.

La Piazza – Pizza

La-Piazza – So what goes into a perfect pizza?? Any idea?? – Tomato sauce on the base, mozzarella, goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, basil Pesto and Oregano – Wallah the perfect pizza is ready. This pizza was simply delicious – Crunchy crust but still it was soft.


Time to have some desserts – Choco Lava cake with vanilla – The Choco Lava was good with molten chocolate in it which was pairing well with Vanilla ( Normally it goes well). The dish was simple like we have at any other place but the main difference was the stuffed used which was making it more delicious. And while we were discussing this thing Tiramisu flies in and the aroma of it leaves you stunned. I am not a coffee fan but I had this. One of the best Tiramisu I had in Delhi I would say. It was just beyond words that good it was. Sometimes it is like you can’t get enough of something and this was the dish.

After having this I also tried some of the desserts from the buffet. Which were equally good but Tiramisu nailed it.

The place is fantastic good food, courteous staff, and live kitchen. You can see your pizza getting prepared. This is the place where Vegetarians won’t feel left out as options are copious. After I was so full I was calling a cab when I noticed the metro station nearby. It is Friday evening and nobody wants to get stuck in jam. The location of Hyatt is perfect in terms of connectivity – the Bhikaiji Cama palace station opens at the door of Hyatt and 20 minutes’ drive from Indira Gandhi international airport. Surely will be visiting again.

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