Cheesiest cafe in GTB Nagar – Xero Degree

In this hot weather, what is better than a cool thick shake?? One more round of shakes. After 2 years I was back on the streets of Hudson lane to catch up with my old pal from college. We were deciding the place where to go as every restaurant on Zomato has 4+ rating in the area and we were totally confused. So while roaming on the streets and sipping cool lassi I saw the Xero Degree outlet. I have visited their outlet at CP couple of times.

We got in and made ourselves comfortable. They have varieties of shakes to choose from, we started with Mango Shake and Red velvet. Mango Shake was dope! Whereas the Red velvet was decent but mango shake stole the show.

We enjoyed it with Peri Peri Fries which were loaded with cheese and mostly of mayonnaise. The fries were not that crispy as I was hoping for. Pizza in a jar arrived while we were enjoying the fries, the jar was super-hot and having a good amount of cheese in it. The concept of this is beyond my understanding but people like it. So whatever the customer demands should be served.

While eating all this our shakes were over and we ordered for the second round, this time we had Blueberry and Nutella Oreo shake, these freaky shakes were amazing. To get some good shake here is the trick- while placing the order ask them to make it extra thick and it will do the charm.

Now it was the time to attack the Mini Sliders. The presentation was good and cheese was oozing out from it. With the first bite, we felt the cheese all over my mouth, though it was good the extra cheese was killing the overall taste of the patty inside it.

Heart shaped Paneer pizza – it looks beautiful and when it appeals to eyes it appeals to my belly too. Thin crust, with a good amount of cheese and paneer. Enjoyed it while gulping my shake.

The Mango Shake and the Nutella Oreo was the best shake and we sucked it till the last drop. It was full when we left with college students and couples. A good place to have some freaky shakes, Cheese and Mayo loaded food.

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