Enter into the world of DragonFly

In a very short span, Aerocity has established itself as a party hub in the heart of Delhi. Gone are the days when it was treated as the place for the travellers coming from various part of the world. With the opening of big restaurant chains and pubs the place has become quite popular among the youngsters. Recently, I was here to try out the new place – “Dragonfly”. When I heard the name it gave me chills and was hoping a little dark themed place, but it turns out to be colourful. It was like entering into the mystical land of Dragonfly with colorful wings. The place has ample of space and a huge ceiling. A wall decorated with colourful wings.

We started the evening with their special Manga Menu – All Might, Lust, Shinigami, Goku and Mugambo. All the drinks were class apart, you can read the description from the comics and order your poison. Being a whiskey fan I opted for All Mighty – which was a classic beauty.

While sipping the drinks at the bar counter our food was served in the tables. We were greeted with Cold Fruit salad and Raw Papaya. Let me clear something – I am not a salad fan and when itself food is saying it is cold why should I eat it. But my friends made me taste the salads and believe me I was the one who ended up eating both. It was damn tasty. The cold fruit salad was rich with fruits like Dragon fruit, Mango, apple, watermelon with feta cheese and few herbs.

As we were busy finishing the salad, from one corner of the eye-spotted my sushi was getting ready. It was so good to see the sushi getting prepared in front of my eyes, and it increased my appetite too.  My First Time – It was a chef recommended dish and with the first bite we came to know why. It was a classic Tempura Topped with a sauce and spiced Tenkasu.

Peanut Butter Vegetable Puffsomes – What can I say about this beauty we had two rounds of it that delicious it was. So soft melt in mouth balls filled with peanut and other minced veggies. Peanut had a very strong touch. Tried other variant Mushroom and Truffle Puff – The outer covering was same and it was stuffed with minced mushroom. Would say a dish which can’t be missed. Both the dishes were excellent, class apart rather. Can just go here to have these cuties. That satisfying they were.

Bake Mac and Cheese – While having these world-class dishes we are expecting more from this too, but it was quite ordinary and can be skipped. Italian was pretty average here, so we stick to Asian food.

In the main course we tried our hands on – Hot Pot, Steamed rice and Singapore Hawker style Noodles. Hot Pot was basically our Thai Yellow curry which was prepared very well, the texture, the taste, the balancing of spices in short everything was perfect. The Hot pot with Steamed rice was an ultimate combo – I took one bite, then another, then one more, and it ended when I ate the whole bowl (my friend also took their shares). Noodles, as the name suggests, were street styled but with good quality of raw material which was taking it to the next level.

Desserts – We tried Apple Caramel tart, Mandarino and Artisan Ice cream. Mandarino – Cheesecake with vanilla and chestnut cream and citrus crumble. The cheesecake was appetizing, and I found citrus crumbles to be more on a sour side and salty too. So just had the cheesecake and the ice cream

Artisan ice cream is a dessert which you must go for. Malted vanilla, coffee and cherry cheesecake. The combination was ultimate and the perfect dessert to end the meal.

The verdict – This place is amazing with the world-class interior which takes you to another world. So colourful and vibrant.  Attentive staff and cocktails which you love to have again and again especially “All Might.” The place is perfect for everything for party lovers, couple or for the family it has everything for everyone. Must try – Hot pot, Peanut Butter Vegetable Puffsomes, Mushroom Puffsomes and Artisan ice cream.   

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