Jom Jom Malay – Heaven for Malaysian food lovers

I always believed that making food is an art and perfect ingredients with perfect timing and a little bit of love, makes a world-class dish. I was bored of eating the usual stuff and start searching on Zomato to try some different cuisine, and then I find JOM JOM Malay. Enquired about the place with some of my food expert friends and on the very next day, I crashed in, to try the dishes.

Jom Jom Malay is a restaurant which serves authentic Malaysian food. Where Jom Jom Malay means Come and let’s try this Malay. The place is located in the Ansal plaza on the ground floor. The restaurant has been done with beautiful Malaysian style decors and artefacts. About the food, the menu is thorough with detailed Malaysian dishes and ingredients used in preparation are sourced from the best resources.

I Started with Choke me up a Jim Beam and cinnamon based cocktail which was quite strong, being a whiskey lover naturally it was my first choice.

In Food ordered – 5 Spice Potato Murtabak – Crispy folded flatbread with sweet and 5 spice potato filling. The dish was flavoursome, with the first bite the freshness of ingredients and the masalas in the filling started dancing. A well-balanced dish with high quality of raw materials used.

Broccoli, Water chestnut and Baby corn Laska Bao – it was cooked in JJ Laska Paste and garnished with JJ Mayo ( which was quite less)- The Dish was great with the combination of crispy broccoli and chestnut though didn’t felt the taste of Baby corn. The masala which was binding everything was felt the same I had in 5 spice potato dish. Overall the food was delectable.

My friend being a non-vegetarian ordered Chicken Satay and Chicken Dry. By the look of his face and the aroma of the food, I can say that he loved it. The portion size of the dishes are good and even the half plate is enough for two people if you are having 2-3 dishes.

In dessert, we tried Coconut cheesecake – A normal cheesecake with the coconut over it and believe me it was taking to the dish to another whole level. I am not a coconut fan but here the coconut was fresh which they sprinkled over the cheesecake.

Pisang gula gula ( Banoffee Pie) – Served cold, and with the first bite. I was on cloud9. The pie was theirs in house preparation. It was a little extra sweet for me but sill I finish it all. After every bite, I was like I can’t have it that full I was but next second again I was having another spoon of it.

The place is amazing serving, it was my first time with the Malaysian food and I totally loved it. What blew me away was the freshness of the ingredients which you can actually feel it while having it. Loved the banoffee Pie and 5 Spice Potato Murtabak.

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