Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates to Commemorate India’s 73rd Independence Day

India’s home grown luxury chocolate brand, Fabelle Chocolates, one of the most celebrated Indian chocolate brand and a trend setter in the luxury chocolate segment, had commemorate India’s 73rd Independence day with a first of its kind, limited edition chocolate range, unveiled on 13th August at ITC Maurya. With this masterpiece, Fabelle pays tribute to India’s rich culture and diverse tastes by identifying hero ingredients from across country and pairing them with White, Milk, Dark and Ruby Chocolate. In order to develop these chocolates, Fabelle divided the country into six zone.

  1. Northern Himalayan Region – Dark Chocolates smoked with Tea and Pink Himalayan Salt.
  2. Thar Desert –  Ruby Chocolate with Toasted Sesame, Salted Peanuts and Toasted Amaranth
  3. Gangetic plains – Milk Chocolate with Jaggery powder and crunchy Puffed Rice
  4. Central Plains – Dark Chocolate with Candied Orange Peel blended with Raisin
  5. Deccan Plateau – White Chocolate with coffee and Cardamom Powder effusion
  6. Coastal Regions – Milk Chocolate with Desiccated Coconut powder and candied Mango

Fabelle in association with Make a Wish Foundation, India will spread happiness amongst children by donating proceeds from the sale of this unique chocolate range.

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