Wok In the Clouds now in CP

Whenever I am in CP I always find new restaurants to try on and this time we went to WITC. I have been to their Khan Market outlet a couple of times and it is amazing so with the same expectations I visited the place.

Crunchy Dahi Sticks

We started with Crunchy Dahi Sticks – I am already a fan of Dahi ke kebab of this place and this time too they were decent enough. Crunchy outer covering with simple thick dahi inside.

Crispy Paneer fingers

Crispy Paneer fingers – the outer covering of the paneer was super crispy and paneer was soft. With dips, it was going well and we enjoyed it while sipping some wine.  

Dynamite Prawns

Dynamite Prawns – my friend had this and in a few seconds it was gone, with the look of her face, I can sense that how satisfied she was after having them. They were served in the Martini glass and the presentation was excellent.

Rawa Dal Tikki

Rawa Dal Tikki – The Tikki was amazing – with dal inside, super crunchy and matar ka humus, the combination was mind-blowing loved every bite of it. Must have for vegetarians.

Vegetable Extravaganza Pizza

Vegetable Extravaganza Pizza – The thin crust pizza with a good amount of cheese and topped with Zucchini, Bell Pepper, Jalapenos, Cherry tomatoes, olives and Broccoli. The portion size was good and it was cut into four pieces though its size was big. The pizza was having so many veggies still it nothing was overpowering other and it was put generously along with cheese.

Desserts – Apple Pie – I was having apple pie after a very long time, so I loved it. Without any delay, I ate 75 per cent of it while my friend was juggling with a dessert spoon. The presentation of apple pie was outstanding. Gulab Jamun Crème Brulee was the second dessert of the day and it was quite average though.

The place is cosy and loved the gesture of the staff, attentive and ready to help. We enjoyed our lunch, with some good music and food. Dahi Sticks, Dynamite Prawns, Rawa dal tikki, pizza and Apple Pie can’t be missed.

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  1. A feast for the eyes and taste buds!

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    1. Alwaysbhukaa says:

      Thanku for the kind words …

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