Modern Indian Cuisine at In-Q

Indian food is very rich in itself and when it gets into the right hand a modern version of dishes comes into existence which makes it more delectable. If you agree then you can continue reading, where I will talk about my recent encounter with Modern Indian food.

What makes the food better – is it spices or Raw-material or Ambience or Service? For me, it is the balance of all the things. Recently I was in New Friends Colony to enjoy the hospitality of In-Q and to try out some Indian cuisines.

In-Q is a fine-dine restaurant located in the vicinity of the Boutique Hotel – The Manor. We were warmly greeted by the staff and accompanied to our seats. We started with Amuse Bouche. It is a palate cleanser so that to make your mouth fresh. Small chocolate balls were served with tangy water inside it. They melted in mouth balls with bursts of flavours, so be little cautious while having it. These chocolate balls were amazing and you have to eat it in a single go to feel the freshness of the mint water. I felt like having golgappa water, packed inside the chocolate. The chocolate used in making was a French brand with herb dusk over it (the green part).

We started with Chaat comprised of papdi at the bottom, fruit salsa in the middle, yogurt at the top and the Delhi fog. The taste was amazing and all the flavours were intact. We ordered it twice actually.

The next dish that arrived was Puchka or Kuttu kachori. The shell was made up of Buckwheat and wheat flour and stuffed with Avocado, Wasabi and tamarind. We had it in a single go as told by the server, and felt all the three flavours dancing in our mouth. Wasabi was very mild.

Clarified Sambar

Clarified Sambar – The clarified sambar was served with a micro version of steamed Idli, fried idli, pumpkin and eggplant. While having the first sip of sambar I felt like seating in a fine-dine South Indian restaurant and having this sambar. The taste was amazing and so do the dish. We finished it in a single go.

Butternut squash – it was having a Quinoa coating over it to make it extra crispy, served in a nest of fried leek sprinkled with togarashi. A dish from which you never get enough, like 5 serving of this will be less to praise the beauty of it that much I loved it.

Tofu Paratha – The first word for the dish is fabulous, it was like a modernized version of Parathe from paratha wali Gali from Chandni Chowk. The size and the style of making the paratha were same as ravioli pasta. The paratha was served with aloo rassa and air of mint chutney with cranberry chutney in between. The dish was spectacular with amazing presentation and divine in taste. The parathas were stuffed with tofu.

Now it was the time to have the main course- we started with Kurkuri Bhindi – The dish was served with onion tomato lababdar gravy at the base, then potato leeks over it, again tomato onion gravy and on the top is crispy okra. To have it, you need to mix it well to enjoy it. The way of presenting was unique and was served with mini garlic naan.

Spinach Kofta – Spinach Kofta served with lemon peanut couscous. Loved the gravy and was going so well with couscous.

Paneer Tandoori – The modern version of Paneer was lip-smacking. The Paneer sandwich was stuffed with apricot, mint sauce on the top and plum sauce on the base. The Paneer was served with black pepper naan and the whole combo was scrumptious. The mix of plum sauce and tandoori paneer was amazing never thought of it would like that much.

Desserts – Air-dried Halwa – it is not a halwa which you are imagining in your mind. It is completely different – a tiny size berry yogurt kulfi with tequila strawberry. Never had such an amazing dessert.

Snowball Srikhand – This ball was massive, like for 4 people at least. The outer covering of the ball was made of frozen yogurt with pistachio flakes on the side to make sterility in your palate. The dish was moderately sweet not like the regular yogurt.

The place is amazing whether in terms of food, presentation, ambience, service or the taste. This is not your normal restaurant, these places are meant for special occasions or to impress someone. The quality of food they provide and the modernization they have done to the dishes is just hats off. Every dish is unique in itself and definitely, you will be mesmerized by the presentation of the dishes. Every dish served had a beautiful presentation and the aroma of the dishes we’re making you feel to have more. The food here is served in courses and the quantity of dish is like a tasting session dish. But every dish is worth it.

Hats off to the chef and the amazing staff for the hospitality would love to visit again. 

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