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Noida is becoming a hub of Multi-cuisine restaurants where you can find Authentic Burmese, Pan Asian, Italian and Chinese cuisine irrespective of North Indian which is readily available.

Masia, a one-month-old restaurant, is the new entrant in this league serving delectable Asian food. The place is situated on the first floor offering indoor and outdoor seating. The place is upscale and the interior is quite colourful from the table cloth to the sofa covers emitting positivity all around.

Talking about the food, I started with Cambodian Spring rolls while waiting for my friends who were late as usual. When the dish was presented to me I was spellbound by the platting and the colour combination used. Spring rolls were having rice and vegetables with light curry, deep-fried. Just one word it was “Scrumptious”, perfectly fried, light and full of flavours.

In drinks, we ordered Pomme Pomme and coconut both the drinks acted as a refreshing agent for us with its balanced taste.

I am not a soup lover but my friends are, so we end up ordering Deconstructed Pho Soup non-veg and Sayur Asem Indonesian Broth Veg. I tried the veg soup and somehow likes it. Balanced flavour with corns and broccoli in middle. My non-veg partners gulp down there portion in no time.

As we finished our soup crispy lotus root and Trio Chicken Tikka arrived. Being a vegetarian in the group has some advantage as I finished the whole lotus root while they were eating their tikka. The tikka smelled nice and the presentation was top notch. The Lotus roots were well balanced with spice and honey and evenly sliced.

Steamed Kachori – Sounds little weird but look and the taste was amazing. The Bao stuffed with Kachori masala served along with Chatpati Aloo ki sabzi. This fusion food impressed us all by its appearance and delectable taste.

Raw Banana Vada – It is a raw banana kofta Tikki with Chutneys on the top. Loved this kind of chaat which was tangy and soothing to the palate. The dish was fulfilling in itself and all the three chutneys were not overpowering one another.

Burmese Samosa Pizza – the base of the pizza was made of Samosa papdi, topped with peas potato masala and tamarind foam over the top. It was a spicy affair, a samosa served in the form of pizza with a light crispy base was a feast for my belly.

Amritsari Beetroot Tikki – This was very soft beetroot kebab I would say with melt in the mouth texture. It has the sweetness of beetroot and masala of a Galouti kebab which was making it more delectable.

In the main course, we tried Sattu Paratha and Chettinad Idli and Paneer Makhani Masala along with Chur Chur naan. The Sattu Paratha was made in a Malabari paratha form served along with scrambled Chettinad Idli. An innovative example of how North meets south in this dish. The fusion of both these dish with one another blown me and it tasted amazing. This modern or called it a fusion food made me have till the last bite that scrumptious it was. On the other hand, the Paneer was going full justice with my Chur Chur Naan which was very light and crunchy.

In Deserts we relished our tastebuds with Banoffee Pie, Carrot cake and Dodha Barfi Tart. All the three desserts were well made with a good amount of sweetness in it. I loved my Banoffee Pie the most as its base was crunchy and made of éclair. Dodha Barfi was again a fusion dish; Barfi from Punjab was filled in a tart and served with Ice cream over the top. The combination of all three was making it a perfect dessert to end that scrumptious meal we had. Lastly, the Carrot cake which was one of its kind innovations by the chef made up of Kheer, Soan papdi and carrot mousse at the top.

The presentation of the dishes which were served to us was very appealing. The colour combination used for the platting, its aroma, its taste everything was outstanding. Noida people now have something to brag about when it comes about Asia food which has modernized to suit the palates of the people. We spent a lovely time here and loved all the Asian Indian delicacies served to us. The dishes which I loved the most is Cambodian spring roll, Steamed Kachori, Raw Banana Vada, Beetroot Tikki, Chettinad idli and Sattu paratha is a must-try dish, Chur Chur naan and Banoffee Pie. The place is perfect for families, parties, couples and the people who love to have something different.

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