A crime thriller series – Rangbaaz Phirse

Source – ” An OTT Platform ZEE5.com”

After the success of Rangbaaz, ZEE5 is back with its 2nd season Rangbaaz phirse, which is much bigger and sensational. The finest actors of Bollywood industry are here to keep you hooked to your couches until the very end and leave you asking for more. The performances, sets location, direction and camera work is gripping. Some of the dialogues from the series like – “Rangbaaz toh khatm ho sakta hai par shareer mai khoon se bhi tez , daudne waali Rangbaazi nahi.” is just too good.

The story revolves around a young guy, Amarpal Singh, who is preparing to for UPSC to become a bureaucrat one day and instead becomes a most feared gangster of Rajasthan. The story revolves around his journey into the world of crime. A result of political rivalry and caste supremacy, Amarpal Singh’s story is a bizarre story of a dream gone so wrong that it couldn’t be amended after a point – a dream about exceeding expectations in each field, a dream about setting a model in the society, a dream about being the best.

The writers have done a very good job and the actors like Jimmy Sheirgill dialogue delivery is on point. All the characters have done their part well and in the series like this use of strong words or abusive words occasionally are very common, but you won’t feel that the bad words are forced, as they say, the script demanded it. The dialogue scripted for every one of the characters are convincing and does a fine job to create an impact with the audience.

Source – ” An OTT Platform ZEE5.com”

Talking about the acting, everyone has performed their role with great intensity with a good mix of aggression and emotions. Jimmy Sheirgill and Sushant Singh looks good on screen as friends but with conflicting ambitions and their attempt to explain the true way of life to each other.   Zeeshan Ayyub impressed as a smart cop.

Usually, it is seen the series based on a crime drama, politics don’t o justice with the female characters, whereas in this series full justice has been done. The Spruha Joshi has played a Rajasthani housewife and she has done full justice with the role. The role of Gul Panag is small, but she ensures her presence is felt.

The series is a must-watch, how the story unfolds is just amazing that you just want to binge-watch and finish the entire season in a go. It has everything action, thrill, drama and emotions to keep you hooked from the start to finish.

This is all about the series which I felt while watching it. Series has 9 episodes and each episode is of 40 min, even for a single second I was not able to leave my couch and was engrossed in it with the twist and turn. The dialogue which I loved the most from the series is “Sabki Samadhi Yahi Banegi”, “Nishpaksh Chunaav” and “Ek baar bandook se goli nikal gayi phir goli jaaney aur nishaana jaaney, chalaaney waala toh sirf dekh sakta hai!” The intensity and the emotions with which they have been delivered is amazing. Surely a series you can’t miss.

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