Fake Mails & Messages Pretending to be from Instagram

In this Cyber-world and as the internet is flourishing, scamming has become a lot easier these days. When in 2003 I created my first Gmail account ( with my real name, not any fake names LOL), we used to receive messages of winning of the lottery of the big amount I can think of. Now it has grown many folds spreading its wings to social media.

Lately, I was receiving lots of messages and mails from different Ids claiming to be Instagram. So thought of sharing it so that everyone should become more aware.

InInstagram verification mails are so common these days that people fall for this trap and ends up giving their Password to them. Here people means the #influencer.

Now the question is if you have received such Emails ( will come on Direct messages (DMs) later) and don’t know whether they are genuine or not, check the below screenshots.

By going into your “Security” label you can check all the interactions the Instagram has done with you in last 14days via Emails. All the screenshots which I have attached are all mine and faced these things so explaining you step by step.

Here is the last part of the Blog where we deal about the DMs we are getting on Instagram. Instagram clearly says that – It will never contact you directly on Instagram via any mean. The only way of communication is EMAIL. The most important Image do read it.

Thanks for reading the blog and I hope it would have added a bit in your knowledge. Do share it with others so that they can become aware of such scams.

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