The page talks about my food encounter at home and outside what I eat. Before seeing I smell the food because looks can be deceiving my friend. I am a normal fun loving person but when it comes to food then nothing below perfection is accepted. I write food reviews what my conscious says,  sometimes they are the mix of emotions and sometimes like an expert. More sections will be coming up where I will give my Gyan(Knowledge) sometimes based on my life experiences which you are to free to read and give your opinion.

A section is for my mum’s kitchen where I will be posting weekly some simple dishes either its Daal or some heavy dishes like Paneer and sometimes healthy food too. And will be sharing some tips and tricks to make your cooking easy and tasty. Making your daily food encounters more delicious from before.

Hoping to travel around the world and want to eat everything.

I believe there is nothing like good food or bad food it’s just your mood which impacts it.

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Insta: @alwaysbhukaa

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